water vessel

Tasked to design a water vessel around a chosen concept while focussing on the key functions of filling, holding and depositing of water. The form itself is made out of a high-density grey foam and shaped using hand tools and sandpaper.



My concept revolved around the idea of an individual user who's daily life is spent in multiple different locations. This user would value portability, functionality, convenience and the ability to use the vessel throughout any season for whatever function fits their immediate needs

My design is a two-part "water bottle" consisting of the primary water container and a small base. The base would work as a detachable heating element, bringing the water to a boil when plugged into a power supply. This base would eliminate the need for a water kettle (or various water kettles in the case of the on-the-go user), allowing an individual more freedom and flexibility in their daily schedule.

The prismatic form of the bottle supports portability and convenient storage in compact living environments. Whether a student in a dorm room trying to maximize space in a mini fridge or a traveler aiming to efficiently pack a knapsack, the cubic structure compliments the angular shapes of almost all of our most common storage areas (shelves, drawers, cabinetry, flat-top surfaces, etc.) while allowing the bottle to be easily left in any orientation.