bento build internship

A 2018 summer internship with the Brooklyn based company, Bento Box, in the Bento Build Industrial Design branch. Working with the design team, I produce client presentations, marketing materials, interior layouts, computer-generated renderings + models, as well as gaining further insight to the manufacturing side of product design.

Product photography I shot for social media and marketing purposes, depicting the Bento Build Series 001 sample cabinets on the signature Bento Box lattice wall

A diagram of the lattice system function that can be viewed in full on the Bento Build website

Bento Build is the product design focussed branch of the Bento Box company. The foundation for the majority of the designs is the "lattice system," a bent sheet metal wall fitting that supports any of the Bento modules, allowing users to fully customize their space. Bento Box is based on small footprint living with a uniquely minimalist aesthetic, making it the perfect opportunity for me to gain real-world experience in a studio centered around my design principles.


While much of my work cannot be pictured due to client and company privacy, I picked up many skills in presentation development and an understanding of project progression. Iā€™d be happy to discuss my experience and gained skill set!

My main responsibilities included working on specific client projects: creating environmental layouts using the Bento Series 001 modules, formatting and producing content for weekly presentations, and content editing based off post-meeting notes.

Throughout my time, I learned and became confident using multiple new programs, including Rhino, Keyshot, and Excel. I also received walkthroughs and exposure to CNC milling using Rhino software and various new physical prototyping techniques (resin pouring, woodworking techniques, etc.).

Manufacturing emphasis

The Bento Build team focusses heavily on a few key materials, mainly Baltic birch plywood, Corian, and bent sheet metal, seeking to innovate through the treatment of these materials. Because of this, I became familiar with various manufacturing techniques. I gained the experience by sitting in on production calls, reviewing technical drawings, attending factory tours, and ideating and creating test models for kitchen accessory solutions.

Factory tour photography, pictured is a sheet metal brake in use

A few of my other responsibilities included helping to generate SKU numbers and organizational systems surrounding the product lines as well as playing a large role in the image creation for an online configurator (a platform that will allow potential customers to layout their own Bento Build lattice wall).

A GIF I created using sample cabinets on the Bento lattice system to show the mix-and-match potential of the modules

A GIF I created using sample cabinets on the Bento lattice system to show the mix-and-match potential of the modules