Antler shaping

Form exploration using a genuine deer antler. I re-shaped the natural antler, taking into careful consideration the organic flow and lines already present in its original structure. After adapting the form I paired it with a rectangular block intended to elevate its presence.

To the left are two spreads from my sketch explorations as well as a photo of the original antler form. Initially, I studied its presence quite abstractly before ultimately refining my sketches to reflect more concrete details and connect it back to its source, the deer.

Below is a sketch study done before starting the wrapping of my block. The block, while visually meant to elevate and contrast the form of the antler, doubles as a platform to speak about endangered animals. I chose to represent the blue whale through my color palette, aiming to incorporate aspects of both the whale itself and the environment it lives in. I used gradients down the block to give the effect of the ocean depths. Inspired by the whale’s ventral pleats I chose to create striped layers to lead the eye back to the antler.


To shape the antler I mainly used a compressed air grinder with a belt sander attachment (pictured to the right). After removing a significant amount of the material i switched to files and hand sanding. To achieve the final finish I used multiple coats of flat white primer and a fine 0000 steel wool.