A variety of projects ranging from research based class work to digital visualization, form study, ceramics, paper carving and woodworking.


Article expressions

Digital photography intended to capture the themes and emotion within an article focussed on cyber harassment, the distinctions between physical vs online relationships, paranoia, and anonymity.


(In progress)

A paper cut scene depicting the Greek myth of Persephone (or the Roman, Proserpina). The scene includes Persephone, plants and natural growth (as she is linked to the spring season), and the tree that bares the pomegranate that ultimately traps her in the Underworld. These hand cut pieces will be placed in a shadowbox set containing multiple “tiers” of backdrop, creating a depth effect. The piece will be lit from behind with warm LEDs, playing with multiple qualities of light and shadow, symbolic of the stories themes surrounding pure vs. evil and their interpretations.

1 Minute Balloon dog

An instructional video that shows how to create a balloon dog in 60 seconds using no external sounds or verbal/written directions. The project was an exercise in clarity, precision, observation, and conciseness.