4 board table

A side table made out of of a 10" x 60" poplar board. Using only right angles, 4 separate planes were to be cut from the given board and assembled to create a book holder.

Sidetable decision

For this project I wanted to focus on a more vertical orientation. Given the dimensions we had to work with (10" wide, 60" long, 1" thick) the table's footprint would have to be small in order to achieve height. Ultimately, I was able to get my final piece to reach 27" at its tallest point.

The middle shelf piece is made with material taken from the negative space of the long, "U" shaped board. I tested my precision cutting on the band saw (see sketchbook documentation below) to see the max shelf size I'd be able to successfully release from the board and then made the necessary adjustments to my design. 


Inset surface detail

In order to keep with the visual inset/offset style of my table I chose to add a small tabletop detail. In my first to-size foam core model there was no surface groove. The initial no-groove choice the energy of the back and forth angles up and down the form seemed to deaden at the most user-active plane, contributing to a feeling that the table lacked continuity. The goal of the small inset connection was to maintain the visual movement around the piece.